Fishing Report

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May Update!!

All right folks, the fish are moving into the Emerald Isle and Swansboro NC back waters and are on the prowl for food!

We have Sea Mullet trickling in the inlets and they are some tasty creatures. We also have the blue fish moving through the Emerald Isle and Swansboro area and staging up in the creeks and marshes near the inlets. These fast moving hungry fish will attack anything you throw at them that resembles a bait fish. I have even caught some on cut bait while drum fishing in the current. There are a lot of good 1-3 pound frying size blues and some monster Choppas in the area as well. 

The Redfish action is picking up and there are a lot of fish in the marshes, creeks and river from Emerald Isle to Swansboro. They are getting a bit picky since they have all the food they want right now, but an accurate cast and solid presentation can land you a hard fighting Redfish on artificial. The best way to catch these fish is to use a Carolina rig with some kind of cut bait or live bait and just let them pick it up off the bottom, then the fight is on!